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In 1999 ConcreteRenewal was born. Our mission was to provide the most value based garage floor coating available. Colored Quartz quickly became our choice as durability could not be matched by resin only epoxy, urethane or polyaspartic products. The look of a Quartz-Based flooring is a measurable upgrade and the surface texture provided traction where others are slippery when wet or if sand/grit is present.


Sounds simple, 1)-clean the surface 2)-mix product 3)-apply coating, works great for painting walls but is that all there is for a successful garage floor coating?
Oils, grease, gasoline, antifreeze, road salts, water, sealers, laitance (unremoved surface layer), efflorescence (concrete dust) or foreign contaminants (dirt) remaining on or in the surface will significantly affect the ability of any coating to bond to the floor.
Now throw in the fact that you'll be driving a several thousand pound vehicle onto the surface, you will see why we make the surface preparation such an important part of a successful coating.


At ConcreteRenewal we consider our work a service. Much of our time is spent preparing the project for the product. Since so much of our time is spend on labor the last thing we want to do is skimp on product quality. We combine one of natures hardest minerals (quartz) with high quality resins selected to work in this environment. As an independent company our flexibility to select product is not restricted. We have partnered with SIKA© Manufacturing to supply us with product. The advantage is to select the best resin chemistry for the environment it is going into. SIKA© is the largest industrial floor coating resin manufacturer in the world providing unmatched product and exceptional support...

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Maplewood Epoxy Flooring Experts Not sure if epoxy flooring is right for you? Then think about what comes to mind when you envision your Maplewood concrete flooring. More than likely, you pictured your own drab, dull and grey garage flooring. It is usually stained from a variety of substances; everything from paint to motor oil. Very often there are cracks and dings in it. So what if our team of Minneapolis Epoxy Floor Coating pros here at Garage Flooring could provide you with a way to change all of this? Epoxy flooring will improve and transform your traditional concrete flooring both structurally and cosmetically. This new sealant surface will help it look better and hold up better to daily wear and tear. Stop settling for damaged and unsightly when we can offer you a whole new flooring system. Epoxy Flooring in Maplewood What you don't know could be standing in the way of having the best new epoxy floors. Did you know that this upgrade isn't even en expensive one? In fact, it is a wise, cost-effective investment because it saves money on concrete repairs and even helps increase the property value of your home. One of the biggest problems with concrete is that it is porous. That means everything that spills on it permeates the surface and creates a permanent stain. Epoxy sealant means that your flooring will now be non-porous. The good news is that non-porous also means easier to clean. Simply sweep up dust or use a little soap and water to remove spills. This will be nothing like the concrete that you were used to before. As strong and durable as concrete is, this will improve it considerably. Drop something heavy on a concrete floor and you have a crack or divot as a result. Yet this protective sealant will change all of that. Let us meet with you to help ensure that you are familiar with the benefits and advantages. We can literally take your existing flooring and convert it completely. This will hide existing blemishes and create a strong new surface. Not to mention, by picking any color you want, this will also completely enhance the look. Maplewood Garage Epoxy Floors The future in flooring is here, for both your garage and for inside your home. Innovative Garage Flooring can provide you with quality workmanship that is the result of 20 plus years working in this industry. You can feel confident about the results that we will be able to provide for you. Stop settling for floors you don't even like and let us give you an epoxy flooring makeover.